Things You Need to Throw a Successful Golf Course Party 

For those in search of alfresco dining, a unique ambiance, and ample space, a golf course is the perfect spot to host a party. Even with that being said, planning an event from scratch is indeed a Herculean task, to say the least. 

Did you know that it is indeed the third-most stressful job in the world? Despite a space as large as the eyes can see, there are too many details to take care of. This also means that much is at stake and much can go wrong. 

Don’t worry, this article will straighten things out! For starters, your choice of venue is spot on as it will foster collaboration in a fun and engaging way. Keep reading to understand the most important things needed to throw a successful golf course party. 

The Ideal Venue 

This one may come across as a little odd. You must think, “Isn’t the golf course the venue?” Yes, it is, but not all golf courses are created equal. According to Colorado Under Par, the venue will set the backdrop for the entire day’s events. So, it must be chosen based on layout, quality, amenities, and accessibility. 

Amid all the functional aspects, we cannot do away with the aesthetics. Can two golf courses appear different? Absolutely, since each is designed by the architect after manipulating the natural landscape. 

For instance – link-style golf courses are more challenging as they involve water and tree hazards. On the other hand, American-style golf courses are more inviting and come with larger bunkers. Choose wisely based on your guest list. 

An Event Management Team You Can Lean On

The date of the event is your call but its success will entirely hinge on the event management team you choose. Yes, some companies exclusively organize golf course events, which means you can let go of the stress associated with planning and management. 

However, do your due diligence in selecting a reliable team of event managers. Let’s take an example – Colorado is a scenic beauty, having some of the most popular and varied golf courses in the US. With a total of 300+ golf courses, you will find venues that represent a desert, mountain, and even parklands. 

Getting the event up and running based on your specific tastes can happen when an experienced event manager steers the wheel. For instance – would tick off things like logistics, event registration, and supplies. 

As your team does that, they must also show a flair for creativity and innovation. These are crucial attributes to keep guests engaged and wanting more. 

Themed Decor and Refreshments 

Let’s be upfront – guests are always (even subconsciously) looking for one-of-a-kind decor and delectable food and beverages. As soon as they arrive, the decor will keep them hooked, whereas the prospect of mouthwatering refreshments will enhance the overall experience. 

Keeping the two in line with the party’s theme will ensure that guests know exactly what they must expect. For example – if your party reflects a tropical paradise, it goes without saying that palm trees and coconut water are a must. 

This is just a tiny example. From the party’s signage to the lighting and table linens, everything must make the theme crystal clear. Another instance would be a Boho-themed party. 

The decor ought to have floral garlands, rattan furniture, and pastel colors. Similarly, the menu must include fresh homebaked goodies like foliage cakes, charcuterie, and potato pancakes. 

For a golf-themed event, incorporate golf elements like framed golf prints, grass-like tablecloths, minigolf centerpieces, and more. As for the food, we recommend some lip-smacking club sandwiches, Greek trays, and pimento cheese balls that go along with golf-themed plates and napkins. 

You can be liberal with the eatables as everyone else is in the industry. In other words, the golf business generated a whopping $226.5 billion in revenue last year simply from food and beverage sales. 

Fun Activities 

Can we do justice to a golf course party without organizing some fun and interactive activities? It makes no sense to waste all that open space! The good news is that there are plenty of golf games that can spice up the guests’ day and develop deep bonding moments. 

Some examples would include –

  • Beat the Pro where amateur golfers get the opportunity to learn from seasoned pros and defeat them if they can

  • Hole of Fortune where golfers must tee off a select hole in the course, preferably with a blindfold on 

  • Wolf, which is the simplest game where teams of four will compete against each other. The team with the most wins by the end will be declared the victor. 

  • Flamingo Hole is interesting in the sense that golfers must tee off while standing like a flamingo (fun, shocking, and laughable!)

Safety Precautions 

The enjoyment of any event or party only lasts while the guests are safe and sound. You must ensure that appropriate safety measures are taken care of, especially if alcohol is being served at the party. 

Start by hiring security personnel who can handle any emergency. Once the party is dispersed, offer guests designated drivers to reach their destinations safely. Furthermore, the probability of golf-related injuries is high. 

Educate all guests on the safety precautions to be followed while playing as well as have the first aid options available. Be extra careful with amateur golfers at the party. 

We may not know which part of the US you’re from but the country is home to 17,000 golf courses. No matter the region, rest assured that you can make your pick from heathland, parkland, sandbelt, and a myriad of other golf courses. Map out your guest list, budget, and personal tastes before diving into the factors mentioned in this article for a successful party.