Top 5 Affordable Medical Universities in Russia for Indian Students in 2024-25

The top 5 Russian universities ranking include Smolensk State Medical University, Kabardino Balkarian State University, Kemerovo State University, Samara State Medical University, and Chuvash State Medical University which are the most renowned institutions for highly esteemed education from the most eligible professors around the globe. Nestled in the land of beautiful cultures and highly modest people, Russia is not a day less when it comes to being a microcosm of unique education, equal parity of recognition and modernism at its finest. There is no place like Russia when it comes to becoming a successful doctor.

Top listed universities in Russia

  • Smolensk State Medical University:-Established in 1920, the university is the face of Russia and equips a large number of candidates from Maharashtra. The university is at par with any other prestigious institution of education in Russia and has the largest medical institute in Russia with capable scientific and clinical research programs.

The key points of Smolensk State Medical University are –

  • Duration: The MBBS program is noteworthy and has a tenure of 5+1 years.
  • Intake: The intake for MBBS in Smolensk State Medical University is in September.
  • Recognition: The University is recognised by the NMC.
  • Eligibility: NEET qualification, 50% in PCB and 17 to 25 years of age limit for applying to an MBBS program here.
  • Faculties at Smolensk State Medical University are Faculty of General Medicine, Paediatrics, Dentistry, Clinical Psychology and Higher Nursing.
  • The fee structure is economical as USD 6000 is charged in 1st year and 5500 USD for the 2nd to 6th year.
  • The ranking is incredible with 260 as the country rank and 6879 as the country rank.
  • Kabardino Balkarian state University:-

The multi-cultural hub of distinguished education and worldwide excellences in the field of medicine and research, the university steals the show with its ranking and worthy provisions.

The main points to know about the university are:-

  • The university has an excellent FMGE passing percentage of 28%.
  • The Kabardino Balkarian State University has a country rank of 87 and 3716 world rank.
  • With an affordable split of tuition fees of 219200 RUB and 15000 RUB hostel fees, the university is quite impeccable.
  • Kemerovo State University:- Unlike the other state-financed universities in Russia, the university is famous for its value-to-money education to medical students in Russia. With decades-long experience in training medical residents, it offers WHO and NMC-recognized MBBS degrees and is widely famous as the most affordable universities in Russia among Indian students.  

The main points to note are:-

  • The university has a world rank of 3401 and a country rank of 61.
  • Kemerovo State University is inclusive of modern infrastructure, educational sciences and good diagnostics at affordable rates including a tuition fee of 255000 RUB and a hostel fee of 9700 RUB.
  • The university has a 6-year medical program and is quite remarkable.
  • Samara State Medical University:- Listed among the top educational institutions in Russia, training personnel for healthcare and advanced scientific methodology the university breaks the paranormal. The eccentric points to note about the university are –
  • Highly recognised by NMC and WHO 
  • Ranking 561 in the world and 5601 in Webometrics, the university is the pride of Russia.
  • The Samara State Medical University offers an affordable fee split with a tuition fee of 350000 RUB and a 35000 RUB hostel fee for the 6-year program making it eligible in the listings.

Chuvash State Medical University-

Cordially listed among the prestigious and globally recognised educational universities the university wins it all. Stemming in decent platforms of academics, nestled in culture and ease of linguistics, the university is quite unparalleled on the edges.

The major facts about the university are:-

  • Developed in 1967, the university has the biggest anatomy museum for students.
  • Recognised by the WHO and NMC the university is acclaimed worldwide.
  • With a whooping rank of 137 in the country and 3977 on the global canvas, the university applauds its name.
  • The Chuvash State Medical University has a reasonable fee bracket with 200000 RUB as tuition fee and 70000 RUB as hostel expenses the university is befitting for every student.

Reasons for doing MBBS in Russia

Breaking through the outlaws of the fettered education system, Russia unveils the most legitimate and illustrious institutions for highly acclaimed degrees which are valid all around. The main reasons to study at the top universities in Russia are the affordability of fee structure, the liberalised cost of living, exquisite cuisine and an outburst of facilities inside the campus premises which make education comfortable too. The main reasons pointwise to study MBBS in Russia are:-

  • Global Exposure for Medical Graduates
  • Worthy recognition to students from NMC-approved universities.
  • State -financed Medical Universities in Russia
  • Cost-effective education within a Budget range under 20 Lakh  INR in Russia
  • Vast Infrastructure with individual building of different departments like Anatomy, Physiology, Histology etc
  • 24/7 electricity and water backup in well-furnished hostels of the university 
  • Full safety assurance to females 
  • A highly congenial atmosphere for students to bask in .
  • Clinical and Scientific Methodologies

Top Bottom Line

The Smolensk State Medical University, Kabardino Balkarian State University, Kemerovo State University, Samara State Medical University, and Chuvash State Medical University, are the most highly accredited institutions which are best for an MBBS abroad.