How to Create SEO Articles that Stand Out

If you want to attract new users from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others to use the services of your business, it is essential to optimize your web content first. SEO Articles are what you should pay attention to. Here are some reasons:

SEO affects the traffic to a website;

It is a method that will not lose its relevance;

It is a great investment in the future;

It enhances the user experience on the website.

Remember that one of the most effective ways to attract traffic is by writing SEO texts. You need to create the text in such a way that the digital algorithms (Google, and so on) recognize it as quality content and rank it higher. For example, when writing an article about the most beautiful women in the world — Ukrainian brides — it is important to mention some interesting facts, statistics, keywords, infographics, lists, and tables. In such a way, it will be attractive to readers.

💡 “For your content marketing to yield optimal results, both humans and search bots need to understand how pages are connected.”

In this comprehensive guide, we break down what SEO content is and what points to pay attention to when writing SEO articles so they rank highly in search engines. To show our tips in practice, we will use the Ukraina dating thematics.

🔎 What is SEO Content Writing?

SEO Content Writing

Content refers to the information presented on a web page. For example, it can be anything that people can view, listen to, or read (graphics, text, audio information, videos, images). As for SEO, it is a set of measures to improve the position of the site in the results of search engines. The main goal of SEO is to increase website traffic through search engines. 

SEO text is one of the main tools for promoting websites on the Internet. It is the main component of the content of any website. The competently written, unique, and useful article helps attract traffic, brings users to the target action, and eventually results in the brand making a profit. However, it’s only high-quality content that can achieve this outcome. Additionally, utilizing metric tools to monitor the performance of websites is crucial for optimizing SEO strategies and ensuring effective online presence.

If we combine these two words (SEO and content), we learn what SEO content means. It is the informational content of a web page that meets the requirements of search engines. SEO content is one of the key ranking factors in modern search engine optimization. However, an outdated idea of how to form it can not only prevent you from gaining positions but also put your project at risk for filters and indexing.

📌 Tips for Creating Awesome SEO Optimized Content

How to write SEO content articles? Your SEO content should meet the E-E-A-T principles. Have you heard about them before? Well, these are experience, expertise, authority, and credibility. In other words,  your SEO content should demonstrate your experience and competence in the field you are writing about. Moreover, the text you provide should be authoritative and credible. Below,  you can check main points for creating stunning SEO texts. 👇🏻

✔️ Unique content

Content is considered unique when it is published for the first time on the Internet. This applies not only to text content. It is important to publish unique images, videos, infographics, and tables. For example, when creating an article about the charm of Ukraine real brides, feel free to complement the text with a photo of these beauties that violates usage rights.

The uniqueness of the text is measured in percentages. Check the uniqueness with special online services that determine the ratio of the original text to the total volume of text. Text with a uniqueness of 50-80% is considered a quality rewriting. Such text will not give you bad results, but, at the same time, will not bring the web page of your site to the top of Google. Therefore, make sure that the uniqueness of your SEO texts is above 80%. The most optimal variant of the percentage of uniqueness is 95%.

🗝 Presence of keywords

The main words in the text describing the topic of the web page are called keywords. Let’s remember our example. When writing the SEO text on the topic of Ukraine women to marry, include in the article such keywords as “girls from Ukraine”, “dating Slavic girls”, “what are Ukrainian ladies”, etc. 

If the page does not have thematic “keys”, search engines will not consider the page relevant. Such a page is unlikely to get a top position in the Google ranking. Also, avoid over-spamming with keys since it can affect the final result negatively. 

📝 Text structure

Text can be placed in different ways on a web page. You can write solid text without paragraphs, headings, lists/tables. Such a copy is not structured and people will read it for no more than 1 minute. User behavior on a website is an important ranking factor for Google. 

Therefore, it is important to follow a proper text structure. A well-elaborated text structure may have a favorable effect either on search engine optimization or on users. People usually understand the text better when it is distributed into blocks. For example, we can divide an article about Ukraine dating culture into the following headings: 

H1 – Ukrainian Dating Culture

H2 – What are Ukrainian Women in a Relationship?

H2 – Strategies for Winning the Sympathy of Slavic Women

H2 – Top Ideas to Organize a Date for Her

H2 – Conclusion

❗️ Meta tags

This is also one of the key points of creating SEO-optimized content. Title and description are the two main meta tags that are essential when writing text. The title will be visible to users. Usually, people choose web pages to open based on their titles. The description is a brief characteristic of the article’s content, which is not visible to users and is placed in the HTML code of the page. 

🖼 Using images and videos

Images and videos can make your content more attractive and interesting. It can help visualize complex ideas and make your content more understandable and engaging. However, make sure that all images and videos are high quality and add value to your content.

🪄 Literacy check

There are many services available to check text for mistakes: Grammarly, Language tool, etc. Before publishing, you should read the article several times and make sure that the text is well understood. If certain pieces of text cause uncertainty, it is better to delete them. Ideally, you should compare the new text with the articles already posted on the site and take a glimpse into a common writing style.

Summing Up

The requirements of search engines have become stricter over the years. Long articles with rambling text, stuffed with keys, ceased to be relevant in 2012. Quality articles that interest users, answer their questions, and engage them in your target product are gaining more and more value nowadays. Using our basic recommendations, you will become a professional in the sphere of creating optimized SEO content. So, don’t miss the above-mentioned tips!