Different Movies You Can Watch on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is around the corner, and you should find the perfect movie to watch with your Mother and appreciate her for her efforts. This can also work as an activity to help you and your Mom relax and spend some quality time while watching a nice movie. Movies You Can Watch on Mother’s Day are here.

You can find different channels offered by Spectrum cable TV service. For this, think about using hughesnet internet and get the best quality picture at home. Apart from this, you can stream your and your Mom’s favourite shows and movies on YouTube and other streaming services using the internet by Kinetic Windstream. Keeping this in mind, let’s have a look at the different movies that you might enjoy with your Mom on Mother’s Day:

The Kids Are All Right

Nic and Jules Allgood are a married same-sex couple who lives in LA where Nic works as an obstetrician and Jules lives as a housewife. They start a landscape designing business. They later give birth to a child using the same sperm donor. 

Their 16-year-old son named Laser sets out to find his biological father but is too young to put forward a request to get the information. He gets the information that Paul Hatfield who is a restaurant owner is the sperm donor and shares his contact information with him. 

The three meet and Joni is impressed by Paul. Soon the three meet and Jules reveal that she has a landscape business. Paul asks them to transform his back garden. Jules agrees but Nic does not like the idea. Paul appreciates Jules’ talent which leads to them having an affair. 

Jules tells Nic that she is not straight and all she needed was a little appreciation which she found with Paul. Laser has been seeing it all and asks the couple not to part ways. The movie ends with the couple smiling at each other. 

The Blind Side

The movie tells the story of a 17-year-old boy named Michael who was known as “Big Mike” who has been living with foster families because of his mother’s drug addiction. The only problem is that every time he is placed in a new home, he runs back to her. One day, one of his friend’s father asks the football coach of Wingate Christian School, to help Michael and his get enrolled in the team. 

The coach gets impressed because of Michael’s size and athleticism and gets him admitted to the team. Soon Michael becomes friends with SJ. SJ’s mother is a strong-minded interior designer and wife to a wealthy businessman. 

At this time, he also comes to know that his father died in an accident. SJ’s mother, Leigh Anne takes Michael home and lets him sleep on the couch. when she persuades to spend Thanksgiving with the family and drives him to his mother’s home.

Despite the criticism, Leigh Anne helps him become a better football player. 


Merida’s mother explains to her that failure to consent to the betrothal could harm their clan’s reputation. She told her a legend about the prince whose pride and refusal led to the destruction of the kingdom. 

There she found the Wisps again who led her to a witch’s cottage. Merida asks her to change Elinor and the witch gives her an enchanted cake that transforms Elinor into a bear with a bit of human consciousness but inability to speak.

 she has already left with a message for her saying, “Mend the bond, torn by pride” before the second sunrise, or the spell will become permanent.  After a lot of twists and turns, Merida saves Elinor and her clan from conflict and war. 


This Mother’s Day, spend some quality time with your mom and other people in the family. Plan to watch a movie and make their day extra special. Select from the movies mentioned above or watch a movie she loves the most. This will make her happy if you plan a great surprise for her this year. 

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