Indulging in Luxury: Planning Your Perfect Golf Weekend

From your tee time to what to wear, here’s how to plan the perfect fancy golf weekend with a friend! Be mythical as Delos to Delphi goes with the best golfers, classy places, great food, and loads of surprises. There is a large part of the process that has to get it right now is rather a deeper thought. Here is a simple how-to guide that will enable you to have the most exciting and unforgettable vacation and which will combine a multitude of fun, calmness, and, of course, golf.

  1. Choose Your Destination

First things first: grant you the ability to explore the world and your mind. Visualize the latest golf tour in well-known spots that attract a big crowd. Beaches like Pebble Beach in California, St Andrews in Scotland, or Kiawah Island in South Carolina are famous for their very special golf courses and extraordinary landscapes.

  1. Select Your Accommodations

Knowing where to start is important if you want to reach your goal. Then, you should find a good place to stay. To have a round of golf with your special one, prefer fancy resorts or small fancy hotels at the golf course. Let them live in places with good accommodation, where they can have fun, and it’s accessible to the golf courts. Many don sophisticated resorts that have just players’ deals like taking part at select times, then caddying whenever you require, and getting to others’ private clubs.

  1. Reserve Tee Times

Already booked a hotel? Awesome! The last step is golfing when you arrange an appointment. You can simply get the list of the best golf courses in the area and book your tee time beforehand, especially when the time comes when it’s crowded. Play in some of the most famous courses and find some hidden ones so you can experience the different golf environments. Maybe select some of the best and others where you could just relax for a while.

  1. Arrange Transportation

Your leisure golf trip could be even better if you rent a limo. On the other hand, you can simply do it by yourself. Get yourself a driver or a private car for this. In short, you can enjoy the ride by sitting back, relaxing while you drive and not worrying about the road you don’t know, which is a nice experience. Eco-conscious resorts are making efforts here and there to contribute to a better environment. For instance, some of them also provide free shuttle rides to nearby places, so you can not only have a quality stay at the hotel but also explore the area with ease.

  1. Indulge in Gourmet Dining

Food should not be taken for granted. Take the opportunity to eat from those fancy restaurants. You do that by going to the restaurants at your resort or walking a little farther to explore local places with some good food. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of high cuisine by ordering meals from fresh ingredients, choosing fine wines, and beautiful outlooks. Just ensure that you book a table in advance, or it can be even better if the place is your favorite.

  1. Enjoy Spa and Wellness Services

Finishing up the day, turn your attention to thinking about yourself and how to take care of yourself. Many high-end hotels feature spas where you can expect massages, facials, and other beauty procedures. So apart from golf, you can undertake relaxing in the sauna and steam rooms, chill out in lounges, or visit the gym too to feel even better during your luxury golf weekend. Listen to a favorite book on audio or head to to find a fun casino to play on with your feet up. 

  1. Explore Local Attractions

Skipping golf during a weekend break, why not pay a visit to the neighboring community and get to know it for yourself? You can choose to visit an art gallery at local wineries, shop in high-end stores, or enjoy interesting landmarks. Coming here apart from the golfing, there are so many interesting things to do. Simply approach the concierge in your resort for ideas on how to spend the rest of your trip and they can get things organized before you start.

  1. Capture Memories

Don’t forget to take photo shoots as you take part in a luxury golf weekend. Using a camera, capture a few instances on the green, at scenic overlooks, and during sensational meals to reminisce about the fabulous trip. Instead of using a smartphone as a camera, you could choose to hire a professional photographer for taking special group photos, or else you could purchase a really good camera to capture the glowing sunset and funny moments of your vacation.


A golf weekend is a good way to play some golf, and have a snazzy resort stay with some awesome food, relaxing massages, and adventurous places nearby. It is possible to have a really fun and very relaxing experience by planning what to go and do or choosing where to stay at particular places and of course the game you love.