5 Creative Ways To Use Curtain Panels In Small Spaces

Curtains are an asset to those who wish to spruce up a small space, and they’re so much more than window dressings alone. These versatile fabric accents can update your home’s interiors in an instant. You can use them to add depth to a room or convert minimalistic walls into focal points. The result? A dramatic transformation.

From windows to closets, we discuss five creative ways you can use curtains to brighten and heighten your home. Read on to learn more.

1. Create an illusionary Window

Sometimes, smaller rooms are void of windows or only have one in place. This can make them feel even smaller. If you have a room in your home like this, you can use curtain panels to create an illusionary window. This opens up the space by drawing the eye away from the interior.

Similarly, if one of the walls in your room features blemishes or cracks, hanging a curtain over the damage can instantly enhance the aesthetics of your room.

If you’re opting for a neutral effect, choose a simple white linen curtain. This will open up a small space. For a plush look, choose velvet curtains. Whichever design or fabric you choose to cover up an eyesore, this creative tip will effortlessly add texture and depth to a room that is limited in space. Finish the look with ornate or contemporary curtain rods.

2. Replace Closet Doors with Curtains

Bulky wardrobe doors make a small room appear even smaller. To create a lighter, softer look, replace these with airy curtains. When considering fabric options, choose designs in keeping with the style of your existing decor, keeping in mind lighter, non-patterned hues create the illusion of a bigger space.

To hang your new curtains, you will need to invest in a rod or a track. The result? You hide any messy items in your closet, creating a smooth, streamlined look. Getting rid of excess stuff can benefit your mental health by making you feel calmer, happier, and more in control. But if you can’t bear to give away your clothes, a tidier space, made possible with closet door curtains, can make for a more relaxed mind.

3. Choose Linen Curtains

Linen, a prevalent material for home furnishings, is an ideal option for smaller spaces. This fabric is both sophisticated and luxurious. Another benefit? It drapes beautifully. Due to the weight of this fabric, it allows copious amounts of air and light to filter into your room, providing an open brightness irrespective of whether your window is closed or open.

A brighter room always looks larger than one cast in shadows, opening up the entire space. When teamed with bright, white furnishings, this adds to the effect.

Good quality linen is not only long-lasting, it’s easy to maintain and can be washed at home. Simply pop your curtains in the washing machine when required. Just be sure to use similar hues.

4. Add Height to a Window

The right curtains not only provide privacy, warmth, and light variation, but they can also add height to your room, making it feel bigger, especially when you opt for lightweight, airy fabrics in neutral hues.

To create this style, you’ll need to invest in a lengthier set of curtains and fix the curtain pole a good distance above your existing window. The eyes are instantly drawn towards the ceiling, making a smaller space appear taller and grander.

The higher you hang your curtains, the more significant the impact it will have on your space.

5. Doubling Up

Get creative with a combination of blinds and curtains. Sheer and linen fabrics are the ideal option for smaller spaces and provide a theatrical, luxurious look. When you choose a muted palette, this only adds to the feeling of an enlarged space.

A pairing of sheer curtains and blackout blinds will allow you to embrace natural light during the day and ambiance in the evenings. Aside from making smaller spaces appear larger due to the layering effect, this elegant styling can change the entire look and feel of your room.

To create this look, invest in a window panel for best results. They boast a contemporary yet minimalistic style and offer privacy whilst allowing natural lights to filter into your room when folded vertically. Natural light has the effect of making a smaller room feel more spacious and less confined. It also has the effect of helping your body consume Vitamin D, improving your circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. This heightens focus, enables you to get more done, and even makes you happier. Adding a full-length mirror to your room will magnify this effect. These blinds are an ideal option for both sliding glass doors and windows.

The Bottom Line

Whether dressing windows or closets, curtains boast versatile coverings that make any space in the home brighter and more inviting! Whether fashioning plain walls into focal points or creating the illusion of larger spaces, the above clever uses show how curtains can be used for more than just light filters alone.

If you invest in quality fabrics and choose styles compatible with your existing decor, you need not avoid using curtains for smaller rooms. Following the above tips will help you transform any room in your household into a cozy, comfortable, or minimalistic space and one you’re proud to come home to or entertain in.